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Entrepreneur & Investor

Tianyi Jonathan Xing is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor dedicated to making an impact on the world. Born and raised in a religious Buddhist family, he believes the greatest happiness is helping others. 

In the summer of 2015 when Jonathan was in high school, he produced a charity music album-- In the Name of Love: raised over 300K and donated all the profit to rebuild a nun temple in Tibet. 

Jonathan found his first startup with NBA 2004 Champion, Ben Wallace in 2019--FRO.G International LLC., an international sports management company connecting NBA players with business deals and opportunities in East Asia. 

With Covid-19 hitting the world in 2020, Jonathan discovered that the death rate of population with pre-existed chronic diseases is 5 times higher than the death rate of healthy population. Jonathan found his second startup-- NovaXS Biotech Corp., a biotechnology accelerator dedicated to overturning aging by preventing chronic diseases and immune system disorders. 

Jonathan is also an angel investor in technology industry. He has three ongoing invested projects: TranspareRX, a telemedicine company found by David Harrell; EnRoute, a medical transportation company in New York; and Dyson Southwest China licensed distributing company. 

"Future is here. It is just not evenly distributed." It is Jonathan's mission to make technology more accessible and affordable to public. 

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